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The pros for using accounting and book-keeping services is that you only need to spend a few hundred dollars each month (depending on the number of your business transactions) to have experience accountants doing the bookkeeping works for your company. For small and medium size companies, especially when their businesses are not yet stable and sizable, to employ a finance manager or an accountant is by itself an investment risk. This is the same as other business risks which will lead to huge spending. Moreover, it is very difficult for an entrepreneur without accounting background to differentiate whether the accountant he or she hired is competent or not. To become familiar with accounting takes time and effort and our service help and guide the entrepreneurs through this process. We have a standardize financial system and accounting working procedures, our experience accountant would make tailor-make changes to it in order to design an accounting system which is suitable to the actual business situations of our clients’ businesses.
We take care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs with the following service:
Preparing monthly financial statements
Prepare financial reports (Including preparing financial statements according to the China Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises / International Financial Reporting Standards / Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards which are in compliance with the Hong Kong listing rules and regulations)
Establish chart of accounts and accounting system, provide professional advice to improve accounting systems
Design accounting reporting system and assist the development of computerized accounting system
Financial Diagnosis and internal control inspection
Accounting staff training
Transactions include:
Expenditure : Examples include cheques/cash payments, interest expenses, bank drafts, bank T/T, service fee payments, purchases and bank transfers out, etc.
Income : Examples include cheques/cash receipt, interest income, bank drafts, bank T/T, sales and bank transfers in, etc.
Bookkeeping service includes:
1. Maintain accounting books and records
2. Prepare accounting journal entrails and vouchers
3. Prepare monthly accounts receivable breakdowns
4. Prepare monthly accounts payable breakdowns
5. Prepare monthly trial balance, income statement and balance sheet
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