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BizeLine service is the latest online Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication service. It utilizes the broadband network as a telephone network for voice communication. Voice quality of BizeLine is as clear as the normal voice calls.  BizeLine service enables you to answer unlimited calls from anywhere of the world (including China and overseas) with the Hong Kong telephone number AccGirl provided to you and make unlimited number of calls to any Hong Kong phone numbers from anywhere of the world (including China and overseas) without incurring long distance call charges.
Entrepreneurs who use BizeLine service can change the fixed company phone into a mobile phone, even if they work at home or on the move, they will feel like setting in their Hong Kong office.  This helps them to establishment their corporate image and save office rental fees.
Overseas companies which use BizeLine service can have unlimited free access to any Hong Kong phone numbers (including calling and answering) from anywhere of the world (including China and overseas). Moreover, BizeLine can be used as internal phone networks for their Hong Kong and overseas officers by multinational company, which assist them to save high IDD and roaming charges!
BizeLine service can also be used together with the call forwarding feature and voice mailbox functions, which ensure you will not miss any important calls.
You can choose their own smart phones (currently supports PC, iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.), or to purchase a BizeLine Internet Phone to use this service.
商務e線 BizeLine Internet Phone
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BizeLine Promotion Price at HK$150/month (Including a private Hong Kong phone number)
Only HK$5,149 for Hong Kong company incorporation (already include the government fee, composing of HK$1,720 one-off company registration fee and HK$2,200 first year business registration fee)
Multi-funtional Working desk monthly rental fee is only HK$1,688/month, with the additional First Month Trial option at HK$488
Service Office 50% off (as low as HK$6,000/month)
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