Government & Non-Profit Organizations Accounting Terminology English-Chinese Table

English   TermsChinese Term
accounting for   non-profit organizations事業單位會計
accounting of   governmental units行政單位會計
accounting   regulations for hospitals醫院會計制度
accounting   regulations for institutions of higher learning高等學校會計制度
accounting   regulations for scientific research institutes科學事業單位會計制度
accounting   regulations of governmental units行政單位會計制度
accounting   standards for non-profit organizations事業單位會計準則
accounting   statements of hospitals醫院會計報表
agent funds   and tax payable non-profit organization事業單位應繳款項
analysis of   accounting行政單位會計報表分析
analysis of   accounting statements of hospitals醫院會計報表分析
appropriated   funds of governmental units行政單位撥入經費
appropriation   in advance預撥款項
assets for   non-profit organizations事業單位資產
assets of   governmental units行政單位資產
assets of   hospitals醫院資產
budget   management method of colleges and universities高等學校預算管理方式
budget   management method of governmental units行政單位預算管理辦法
budget   management method of hospital醫院預算管理辦法
budget   management methods for non-profit organizations事業單位預算管理方式
budget surplus預算結餘
budgetary   accounting regulations for public finance財政總預算會計制度
chart of   accounts for hospitals醫院會計科目
colleges and   universities accounting高等學校會計
colleges and universities analysis of accounting statements高等學校會計報表分析
colleges and   universities assets高等學校資產
colleges and   universities expenditures高等學校支出
colleges and   universities liabilities高等學校負債
colleges and   universities net assets高等學校凈資產
colleges and   universities revenues高等學校收入
colleges and   universities surplus高等學校結餘
current assets   for non-profit organizations事業單位流動資產
deposit   payable of governmental units行政單位暫存款
expenditure of   non-profit organization事業單位支出
expenditure on   allocated and transferred fund資金調撥支出
expenditure on   revolving fund財政周轉金支出
expenditure on   special purpose fund專用基金支出
expenditures   of governmental units行政單位支出
expenditures   of hospitals醫院支出
final accounts   of state revenue and expenditure國家決算
financial   regulations for colleges and universities高等學校財務制度
financial   regulations for hospitals醫院財務制度
financial   regulations for scientific research institutes科學事業單位財務制度
financial   rules of governmental units行政單位財務規則
fixed assets   for non-profit organizations事業單位固定資產
fixed funds   non-profit organizations事業單位固定基金
fixed funds of   governmental units行政單位固定基金
fund budget   expenditure基金預算支出
fund budget   revenue基金預算收入
fund   expenditures of governmental units行政單位經費支出
funds of   hospitals醫院基金
general budget   expenditure一般預算支出
general budget   revenue一般預算收入
general funds   non-profit organizations事業單位基金
governmental and non-profit organization accounting in China中國預算會計
grant from the   higher authority上級補助收入
grant from the   state財政補助收入
grant to the   auxiliary organization對附屬單位補助
hospital   accounting醫院會計
income from   revolving fund財政周轉金收入
liabilities   for non-profit organizations事業單位負債
liabilities of   governmental units行政單位負債
liabilities of   hospitals醫院負債
liquidation of   non-profit organization事業單位財務清算
loans   non-profit organization事業單位借入款項
miscellaneous   gains其他收入
net assets for   non-profit organizations事業單位凈資產
net assets of   governmental units行政單位凈資產
operating   expense經營支出
operating   revenue經營收入
outside   investments for non-profit organizations事業單位對外投資
payment from   the auxiliary organization附屬單位繳款
payment to the   higher authority上繳上級支出
prepayments of   governmental units行政單位暫付款
proceeds from   allocated and transferred fund資金調撥收入
proceeds from   special purpose fund專用基金收入
public finance   budgetary accounting財政總預算會計
public finance   budgetary accounting-year-end checking財政總預算會計年終清理
public finance   budgetary accounting-year-end closing財政總預算會計年終結賬
public finance   expenditure財政支出
public   finance-assets財政資產
public   finance-budgetary revolving fund預算周轉金
public   finance-cash in bank財政性存款
public   finance-debts預算舉借債務
public   finance-liabilities財政負債
public   finance-net assets財政凈資產
public   finance-revenue財政收入
public   finance-revolving fund財政周轉基金
restricted   appropriation撥入專款
revenue for   non-profit organization事業單位收入
revenues of   governmental units行政單位收入
revenues of   hospitals醫院收入
scientific   research institute accounting科學事業單位會計
scientific   research institutes' assets科學事業單位資產
scientific   research institutes' budgeting科學事業單位預算
scientific   research institutes' expenditures科學事業單位支出
scientific   research institutes' revenues科學事業單位收入
scientific   research institutes' surplus科學事業單位結餘
scientific   research institutes-analysis of accounting statements科學事業單位會計報表分析
scientific   research institutes-cost management科學事業單位成本費用管理
special funds   non-profit organizations事業單位專用基金
state budget國家預算
surplus of   fund budget基金預算結餘
surplus of   governmental units行政單位結餘
surplus of   hospitals醫院結餘
surplus of   non-profit organization事業單位結餘
surplus of   special purpose funds專用基金結餘
the budget law   of the people’s Republic of China中華人民共和國預演算法
yearend   checking and closing of governmental units行政單位年終清理和結轉
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